Expecting another record-breaking day of heat, I was out early watering the garden and noticed these larvae on the eggplant.  Voraciously hungry, they had already done a fair amount of damage and they were clearly emerging since there were a fair number of a variety of sizes.  These in the photo would have been about the largest.   They were on both the upper and lower surface, often with three to six on a leaf.  I removed perhaps four dozen and snapped this photo for reference.  Keeping an organic garden means our choices for control are limited.  Typically when we get this type of infestation, I remove all the pests and that ends the problem.  Hopefully that approach works in this case.  Any ideas on what larvae this is?  Looks a bit like a Colorado Potato Beetle (CPB).  I do remember the leaves getting pin holes about four weeks ago which I thought to be the flea beetle.  Could be related or might not be.